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Japan - Protection of Personal Information

Japan's Act on Protection of Personal Information, was amended in May 2017 and now applies to both foreign and domestic companies that process the data of Japanese citizens. Companies located outside of Japan will now be subject to the strict guidelines laid down in the Act.

Act on the Regulation of Transmission of Specified Electronic Mail ("Anti-Spam Act")

Principle 1: The sender must retain records evidencing there was a request or consent to receive emails at least for 1 month after the last date the seller sent an email to the recipient

Principle 2: For profit entities or individuals engaged in business sending any email to advertise their own or another’s business must obtain a request or consent to receive emails from intended recipients unless the recipient falls under certain exceptions (eg there is a continuous transaction relationship between a sender and a recipient) in the Anti-Spam Act

Principle 3: An email is required to include a sender’s email address or a URL so that recipients can send opt-out notices to the sender, and

Principle 4: Senders must not send emails to randomly generated email addresses (with the hope of hitting an actual email address) for the purpose of sending emails to a large number of recipients.

Source: https://www.ppc.go.jp/files/pdf/280222_outline_v2.pdf